Upholstery Cleaning

We spend enormous amounts of time on our couches and sofas, over time it collects dust and absorbs a lot of unpleasant residues. So, it becomes essential to clean them regularly. Nettoyage Éconet ensures optimal cleaning of your sofas, chairs and couches in wool, leather, cotton or velvet.

Leather Cleaning:

At Nettoyage Éconet, we take care of your leather, making it last longer and making it look much more vibrant.
Body oils, dirt, pen marks and food stains among other things become embedded in our furniture and leather car seats. So, it is important to have them cleaned regularly and protect the leather from becoming damaged, dry looking, or losing color.

Mattress Cleaning:

Even if you wash your bedspread regularly, your mattress accumulates dust mites, dead skin, body sweat, and dirt that can contribute to allergy problems. Lack of maintenance will also embed your matress with stains, trace sweat, mold or urine. Keep your matress hygienic and safe for you and your family by having them cleaned, this process will also deep clean all the stains.

Our professional furniture and mattress cleaning service includes:

  • Upholstery pre-treatment
  • Low-moisture upholstery cleaning
  • Basic stain removal
  • Basic odour control

We also offer the following additional services:

  • Advanced stain removal
  • Advanced odour control
  • Ecological upholstery protector application

Tip: The best treatment is prevention. To extend the life of your carpet and your furniture, applying a protective product is the best option. We use an ecological protector that protects the fibres, prevents dirt from sticking to your carpet and upholstery, decreases the possibility of stains, and ensures a clean appearance over a long-term period.